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Some interesting facts:


A trusted and key authority in the field is Dr. Jari Laukkanen, cardiologist and professor at the University of Jyväskylä. He is a leading figure in the research into health benefits associated with the practice of sauna bathing.


His work helps educate people about the real ways traditional Saunas can help improve their lives. 


Laukkanen's 2015 study, aimed at investigating the association between frequent sauna bathing and various cardiovascular issues, found that sauna bathing significantly reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. 


A traditional sauna experience protects against cardiovascular disease, aids relaxation, sleep, rheumatoid diseases, chronic fatigue and pain syndromes. It also reduces stress, improves exercise performance, muscle recovery and the skin’s moisture barrier properties.


Also, and perhaps most crucially, unlike cheaper Infrared Saunas, which have seen a growth in popularity in recent times, a traditional sauna also improves arterial stiffness and protects against Alzheimer's, Dementia, respiratory disease and Pneumonia. It’s no surprise that native nordic/baltic countries opt for traditional saunas 98% of the time. 


Interestingly, traditional saunas produce more infrared radiation compared to actual infrared saunas. So any benefits induced through the use of infrared saunas are equally applicable to traditional saunas. 


In a traditional nordic/baltic sauna, the temperature is relatively high compared to other saunas in the world, between 70-100°C. The sauna is heated with a stove (usually a wood-burning or electric heater) with heat-conducting stones. Water is thrown on the stones to create water vapour , This steam provides moisture and instantaneous soft extra heat in the room. The typical humidity in a Finnish sauna ranges from 40-60%. 

In Finnish sauna bathing, cooling off is as essential as the sauna bathing itself. After pleasant exposure to moist heat, many sauna bathers enjoy cooling off with a cold shower or a dip in a lake, ocean or pool. The transition from hot to cold invigorates the blood supply and increases the heart rate, which in turn contributes to overall improved health and wellbeing. 

Having a traditional home sauna in your garden can provide countless benefits. Whether you use it as a sanctuary to relax in and relieve stress, or you want to work on your physical condition for improved athletic performance, your home sauna will give you that opportunity to take advantage of the many health benefits of sauna bathing. Release your tension and sweat it out, by yourself, with family members or with friends. A good sauna session can do wonders for your mental wellbeing as well as for your body.

Our Wildhut outdoor saunas are a modern and contemporary take on the classic traditional sauna, with influence from across the Baltics. From the gorgeous heaters to the beautiful scented  cedar that has become the gold standard for use in traditional sauna construction, our luxury saunas spare no expense in their design and build. If you'd like to know more about Wildhut traditional saunas get in touch with the team today and we can talk you through your options.

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