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Lined with the highest grade of sustainably sourced thermal timber, and clad in durable FSC and PFEC certified wood,

We have designed our Wildhuts to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, and to keep you cosy in any climate while you enjoy a moment of solitude or revel in the company of friends and family.


It's the traditional sauna that fits with contemporary living




Preheat your electric sauna remotely using the optional WiFi controlled mobile app.

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Each of our luxury sauna cabins have been conceived from a carefully chosen palette of natural materials designed to stand the test of time and seamlessly harmonise with the surrounding environment. 


Combining old-world craftsmanship and new-world sustainable design, our Wildhut outdoor saunas create experiences that stimulate, energise and restore a connection with oneself and the natural world.



 Maa - 8 persons | Vesi - 6 persons | Tul i- 4 persons


Wood fired or Electric - Once switched on your sauna stove will have heated the cabin ready for use in approx. 50-60 minutes 

“a pleasant temperature, gentle steam, the scent of wood, a clean feeling harmony between the body and mind”

Besides being possibly one of the best investments that you can make for your personal physical and mental wellbeing, the increase in demand for sauna services across the leisure, hospitality and residential industries is growing exponentially each year.


Whether you are a private estate owner, a boutique hotel, wedding venue or golf club, investing in a Wildhut luxury outdoor sauna can add a truly unique wellness modality to your current offering and do wonders for your occupancy all year round.


If you are a new or existing UK business interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you.


Exterior cladding

You can choose to leave the exterior wood to fade naturally to a gorgeous grey colour over time or we can stain it in a colour to suit your preferred design aesthetic and outdoor environment.

Porch area

Your sauna can come with a customisable multi-purpose porch area you can use to stand and cool down between sauna sessions, to hang your robes and towels or use as a wood store. It can also be your preferred space for a cold or hot shower or be enclosed to serve as a private changing room. We can work with you on your requirements.

Sedum / living roof

A living roof not only looks aesthetically pleasing but it's also an environmentally friendly option that can attract garden wildlife and enhance the overall appearance of your traditional outdoor sauna. 

Off grid battery solution

Wildhut saunas with wood fired heaters can be built for ‘off grid’ use with power requirements for lighting etc. being facilitated by a supplied powerful rechargeable battery.

Marine grade shower facility

As cold water is a great way to really feel the benefit of sauna bathing, an outdoor shower can be integrated into the sauna’s design, made from marine grade stainless steel for maximum longevity and durability.

Your view

Your sauna room can take full of advantage of its surroundings with window positioning and size options to make the best of your view from inside!

Lighting requirements

As standard we provide one LED strip of specialist steam proof sauna lighting which is placed behind the backrests to create a glow around the sauna. 


We will provide detailed instructions to you and your trades in order to prepare the ground in advance of your sauna arriving. If needed we can organise a local crane company to lift your sauna into place. We can carry out a site visit and advise on appropriate groundwork and delivery requirements.

Ramp or Steps

Our saunas are designed to be delivered and installed into place where the groundworks have been prepared according to our specification. If you require access to your sauna by means of a ramp or steps we can incorporate this into the design for you.

Mobile transport facility (trailer build)

We can build your sauna on a flatbed trailer to facilitate easy transportation if you're looking for a more mobile sauna.

Delivery & installation

Depending on access to the desired spot for your sauna, we can make full arrangements for delivery and installation. Don’t be put off if you have tricky access, we can organise lorry mounted cranes to deliver your sauna to its new home. 


Exterior cladding

Natural or stained high quality FSC certified timber

Electric or Wood fired heater + sauna stones

Our beautiful sauna stoves feature traditional sauna stones to obtain the magical steamy environment. The electric heaters  can be fitted with an optional mobile app WiFi solution for pre-setting and remote controlling your sauna

100% sheep wool insulation

We are very proud to use 100% sheep’s wool insulation, which is fully breathable, offers superior thermal performance and keeps our saunas completely natural throughout. It is also fully reusable and eventually fully biodegradable, protecting and supporting generations to come.

We love it and we love supporting the sheep’s wool industry.

High specification single strip specialist sauna LED lighting

Our saunas can reach very high temperatures, so it is necessary to use specialist equipment specifically developed for high heat and humidity. Unlike infrared saunas, our traditional outdoor saunas are heated with stoves and the lighting is soft and warm.

Architectural Design

We have worked closely with an architect who specialises in timber structures to ensure every design element functions to a very high specification. Every detail is considered to ensure our Wildhut saunas are of the highest quality and built to endure the British climate so you can be sure they stand the test of time.

Triple glazed windows

We like to keep our sauna cosy and private. Bespoke sizes available as an Add-on

Structural Engineering

We have consulted a structural engineer to ensure our saunas are strong, robust, and safe

Glazed sauna door and specialist hinges

Our doors are toughened glass, and our hinges are specifically developed to withstand high temperatures as befits such a truly premium product.

Door furniture & hardware

The handles are hand made from the same timber we use for our sauna, to match the aesthetic and high-end design details you will find throughout our high end traditional outdoor sauna cabins.


Wildhut are delighted to have been commissioned to undertake the design, build and installation of commercial wood-fired saunas on  the beaches of Jersey, Brighton and Cornwall's idyllic cliff top position - look at the views! 


Conceived upon the mission to provide an extraordinary experience centred around wellbeing, leisure and community, 


Comfortably accommodating up to ten people, the beautifully proportioned, glass fronted Wildhut Sauna looks out onto the sea, offering its lucky guests extraordinary views of the breathtaking coastline.


Find out more about our Commercial Sauna options, with financing available or get in touch with us to discuss your specific business requirements.

  "Deliberate heat exposure impacts body temperature, metabolism, heart health,

hormone production, exercise recovery, cognition, mood and longevity"

“The sauna can be a catalyst for friendship, encounter and discussion,

           as well as a place of quiet reflection and reconnection with the senses”


"Deliberate heat exposure impacts body temperature, metabolism, heart health, hormone production, exercise recovery, cognition, mood and longevity"

“The sauna can be a catalyst for friendship, encounter and discussion, as well as a place of quiet reflection and reconnection with the senses”

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