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  • How sustainable are wildhut saunas ?
    Designed and made in the UK to be durable using only the finest quality natural materials Only FSC and PFEC certified wood cladding used in our saunas all sourced from a well respected Sussex Timber Mill local to us. We use top quality Western Red Cedar inside our top of the range saunas. Not only does it have a divine aroma but it is by far the most stable and best quality wood to use in a sauna . Coming from a cold climate, Western red cedar is a very slow growing wood so it has a very tight grain which means it doesn’t react to moisture / heat. Home grown cedar, whilst cheaper wood tends to grow faster and get lots of twigs and branches which when cut produce the knots you see in wood . No plastic, no toxic glues /only food safe adhesives. 100% Natural Sheep’s’ Wool insulation – ( link to wool dossier and pic of sheep ) . Unlike other sauna build companies, who use rockwool or wool combined with synthetic materials, the wool we use is not mixed with 25% polyester and is not treated using borax . Because its 100% sheep wool its hydroscopic performance is second to none and at the end of its life , if the sauna was ever deconstructed the wool can be reused and returned to the earth. Ventilation – vents installed for air flow to stop moisture build up . Only heat and moisture resistant materials are used throughout.
  • How safe are wildhut saunas ?
    Our saunas have been constructed with the utmost care and attention to health and safety standards. Our heaters carry CE approval / EN15821 . All heater and Stove safety clearances have been met in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. Our structural engineer has ensured that they are built to robust standards to cope with all climatic conditions in the UK.
  • Do you only build one size ?
    No! We have 3 sizes of sauna, each with the option to have an add on porch and shower. We can make bespoke saunas so get in touch and we can start talking about your project.
  • What wood do you use in your saunas ?
    We use a choice of top quality Western Red Cedar or Alder inside our Wildhut saunas. We use FSC and PFEC certified wood cladding in our saunas all sourced from a well-respected timber merchants.
  • Do you give a guarantee ?
    The heaters we use in our saunas are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years. All the other quality materials used in the construction of our saunas will ensure durability for many years to come.
  • How much does it cost to run a sauna ?
    For an electric 8-10 seater sauna As a rough calculation, a 1000W sauna will use around 1 kWh (1 kilowatt per hour) of electricity. Based on 1000 WATTS = 1 KW , a 10.5 KW sauna will use 10.5 KW per hour x an average of 33.63 pence per kw. So on average £3.53 per hour. This equates to roughly £11 for a 3 hours session . For a wood burning 8-10 seater sauna As a rough calculation, a wood burning stove will use roughly £2 per hour worth of logs (depending of course on your log suppliers costings etc)
  • What preparation / groundworks are needed ?
    Wildhut saunas have to be placed on a level and pre prepared concrete surface. We provide detailed groundwork plans for your builder, plumber and electrician to work from. These will give the exact depth and size for the concrete slab, and the locations for any water or electrical feeds to prepare in advance of your sauna arriving
  • Wood fired or electric heater ?
    The choice really depends on your lifestyle, the location and how often the sauna will be used. We outline the main pros and cons of the two different heaters below. If it’s an off grid location (i.e. without access to electrical mains) we would always recommend a wood fired heater which gives greater flexibility on location .They are as close as you come to the pure authentic sauna experience. From collecting the firewood to building the fire in the stove the sauna experience has begun before the stones are heated. They do however take longer to heat up from a cold start ( just over an hour), it’s more difficult to control the temperature and there is likely to be more clear up post sauna and you will need to have a wood store and regular delivery of suitable logs which can add up. The wood fired heater is more of an initial outlay but potentially cheaper to run than an electric heater. For those that do not have the space to build a wood burning sauna or who prefer a more hands-free approach, electric sauna heaters provide a wonderful sauna bathing experience and are brilliantly convenient and quicker to heat up (generally 30-50 minutes, depending on outside temperature). Electric sauna heaters can be linked to your home WIFI and turned on from an app on your phone to start at your chosen time and to give you total control over the level of heat required. You do not need to have a wood log store and you can still get the lovely löyly (steam). With an electric heater, a fully qualified electrician is needed to wire the sauna space. A problem in some areas is hard water: water that contains high concentrations of lime, chalk and other minerals which can leave a limescale residue that will build up over time, clogging pipes and interfering with plumbing. The best defence against hard water stains is to prevent them from occurring in the first place . Regular cleaning with a water / baking soda mixture will help keep the sauna in peak condition.
  • Will I have to pay a deposit ?
    Yes. We require a 50% upfront deposit, then the remainder is due a few days in advance of delivery.
  • How long is delivery time from the point of order ?
    We typically allow 8-12 weeks from go ahead of order to delivery (depending on size / location etc). Once an order is placed and the deposit paid, your sauna will be placed onto the manufacturing and delivery schedule. It’s best to get in touch with us to check out lead times we’re working against at any given time.
  • Why are Wildhut saunas pricier than some others on the market ?
    We use only the highest quality materials in the construction of our saunas. The best grade of timber on the market. Other cheaper saunas use cheaper timber which is more likely to warp and twist out of shape. Wildhut saunas have been designed, engineered and built to withstand the harshest of climatic conditions and to stand the test of time. Our saunas are handmade locally from scratch by members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the Federation of Master Builders ensuring a quality build every time. Our saunas are a world apart from the cheap kit, uninsulated barrel saunas that are manufactured abroad. All our saunas are very well insulated using 100% sheeps wool, whilst most barrel saunas are built without insulation. We use a vapour seal barrier to protect from the heat and humidity and to ensure quick heat up time and energy efficiency. We use thermo treated spruce battens behind our benches which are dimensionally stable, durable and moisture resistant. We use high spec lighting specifically designed for saunas behind our benches which give off a beautiful warm glow and creates a gorgeous ambience in the sauna. We use contemporary well built sauna heaters with specialist sauna stones. All our saunas are fully ventilated in accordance with HETAS regulations (in the case of woodburners) to ensure a relaxing, healthy sauna experience. We use very high quality osmo oils to seal the exterior cladding of our Wildhut saunas to provide durability and longevity.
  • How much are Wildhut Saunas ?
    Our saunas start from £23,900 + VAT depending on size and specification but it’s best to get in touch to discuss your particular needs.
  • What about ventilation ?
    Ventilation is a critical consideration for all saunas as you need a flow of fresh air in and exhaust air out to ensure a relaxing, healthy sauna experience, and prevent a stuffy uncomfortable sauna.
  • What is the process of deciding to choose a Wildhut sauna ?
    After you have decided what size sauna you need and can accommodate, and if you think you would like the sauna to have the add on porch and shower, electric or wood fired, we will confirm the costs. We will assess your access, and decide the best way to get your sauna into position. This can be with forklift, hi-ab or crane. We will organise a site visit with a recommended local lifting company who will set up a contract hire with yourselves. We will co-ordinate with them and yourselves regarding delivery dates. You will receive a kerb-side delivery from ourselves, and the local lifting company will take care of everything thereafter. The craning company will have their own comprehensive insurance. The whole process is overseen by ourselves to minimise stress and prevent unnecessary additional costs. We will liaise with you every step of the way. We provide detailed groundwork plans for your builder, plumber and electrician to work from. These will give the exact depth and size for the concrete slab, and the locations for any water or electrical feeds to prepare in advance of your sauna arriving. Once your sauna is in place you will be responsible for connecting the water and electrics.
  • What access will I need for the sauna ?
    it is very useful to have vehicle access close by to the sauna location as the sauna is delivered fully built on a flatbed trailer of a lorry and then lifted into position with professional lifting equipment such as a HIAB or crane. There is an additional cost for installation, and this will quoted on an individual basis on application.
  • Can I take the sauna with me if I move ?
    You can indeed. But also remember, that a high quality Wildhut sauna is also a wise financial investment and can increase the resale price of your home.
  • What optional design elements are there ?
    Colour of exterior cladding The choice is yours! You can choose to leave the exterior wood to fade naturally to a gorgeous grey colour over time or we can stain it in a colour to suit your preferred design aesthetic and outdoor environment. Wood fired or electric heater We can supply our saunas with either a wood fired or electric heater. Not only do they look contemporary and stylish. Window sizes The choice is a slotted window which offers a view from inside but a feeling of being in a cosy sacred space, it is also very private. Or you can opt for a picture window which is amazing depending on the position and your view! Shower We can add an outdoor shower onto your outdoor garden sauna. All shower elements come in marine grade stainless steel for longevity and durability. You can have cold by hooking up to a hose or hot and cold if you hook up to the mains. Off grid use Wildhut saunas with wood fired heaters are perfect for ‘off grid’ use, with any power requirements for lighting etc being facilitated by a powerful battery. Transportability Wildhut saunas can be built on a flatbed trailer to facilitate easy transportation if this is your need.
  • Do you make indoor saunas ?
    On request. We currently specialise in luxury outdoor saunas.
  • Will I need planning permission ?
    No – Wildhut saunas fall within an ‘outbuilding’ category and are generally considered to be ‘permitted development’ subject to certain height restrictions.
  • Are saunas good for you ?
    The short answer is yes. There’s a long list of benefits of sauna bathing and new evidence based research is regularly being conducted and released publicly. Read more about our favourite sauna bathing health benefits here


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