As two British female entrepreneurs in the wellness space, we’re passionate about raising awareness about the staggering psychological & physiological health benefits of authentic finnish sauna practice and how we can harness the healing power of nature to live happier, healthier lives.


We believe that in today’s world, it is essential to nurture habits and rituals that prioritise rest, health and connection to oneself and others which is the foundation upon which we founded Wildhut.






Lisa is a furniture designer, interior designer, and stylist with over 20 years experience in the design industry. Lisa was a co-director of a successful architectural product design company, producing bespoke high-end interior products for private clients.

“I have quite recently discovered two incredible things that I had no understanding of 20 years ago, one is the bliss of warming up in an authentic steamy sauna, and the other plunging my body into cold water. Both are invigorating, relaxing, stress relieving and addictive, and combined they are euphoric!”


Prior to starting Wildhut, Thaisa began her career by working in Marketing in the UK and overseas for ten years before founding the successful health and lifestyle business ‘relax’; an urban day spa for locals and tourists situated in the heart of Central London (2001-2020).


With an already long established passion for health, wellness and the great outdoors, Thaisa wanted to harness her considerable experience and skillset to create a lifestyle brand that would help her to share the innumerable health benefits of Finnish sauna culture in the UK and beyond.


"will admit that I actively avoided going to Saunas in gyms and spas in the past, as I really didn’t enjoy the experience. I found them dry, sweaty and uncomfortable. Then I discovered the steamy heat of an authentic outdoor Finnish sauna - that was a definitive a-ha moment for me and opened my eyes to the possibilities of making our own exquisitely made outdoor saunas and establishing Wildhut in order to offer the experience to others and to expand sauna culture in the UK"

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful, sustainably designed private sanctuaries for your home or business, that allow our clients to observe their health from a holistic perspective and feel empowered to take back control of their wellbeing.

Our Purpose

We at Wildhut are dedicated to the rediscovery of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as a philosophy of daily life.

We have clear values that are remembered and consciously actioned daily:

To provide our clients with an exceptional end-to-end turnkey service in the design, build and delivery of our luxury outdoor saunas.


Like people, no two projects are the same - we’re committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients by working with them to address their specific needs and realise their vision.


To operate with the utmost respect for both the environment and sustainable best practices with an aim to become a carbon neutral business by offsetting our carbon footprint with tree planting.

We rely on as little carbon as possible, and use renewable energy in our efforts to produce zero waste.

We have recently partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to begin a long term project to offset our annual CO2 emissions, wherein we pledge to plant 30 trees each month which will remove 60 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. We are also proud to be working with Climate Impact as part of our ongoing strategy to become a net zero business.


We are also proud to support the wool industry by using 100% sheeps wool to insulate our luxury outdoor Wildhut sauna cabins. As a natural product sheeps wool is shorn twice a year and can be returned to the environment cycle at any time. Here’s some other reasons why we love it;


  • Wool presents no health risks 

  • Wool is fire resistant, has a very high combustion point and is self extinguishing. It has an EU certification D.

  • Wool is breathable, meaning it can release moisture

  • Wool is an incredibly effective insulator because of the structure of the crimped fibres, creating millions of microscopic air pockets

  • Sheeps wool fibres have a visco elastic property that helps to turn sound energy into heat while at the same time reducing surface and airborne noise

  • Our sheeps wool is treated with a patent protected Ionic™ process that has been tested by and proven to be insect and vermin resistant.


We are using a local sussex timber merchant for our timber supplies. All our timber is FSC and PEFC certified and we make every effort to use as much homegrown timber as possible.

We need to use thermal timber from sustainably sourced merchants on the interior of our saunas which is obtained overseas as is unfortunately not currently available in the UK.


We will calculate the weight and distance travelled of all of the timber used and offset emissions via planting trees for each sauna purchased.


“The healthier you live, the better you feel, the better

outcome you have with everything in your life”

“Sauna heals with heat, and people are increasingly aware of it”

“The healthier you live, the better you feel, the better outcome you have with everything in your life”