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Our beautiful handcrafted home garden saunas are built in our West Sussex workshop and offer the following key features:

Exterior cladding

Natural / unstained FSC certified wood

Electric or Wood fired heater + sauna stones

Our beautiful HUUM sauna stoves feature traditional sauna stones, no matter the energy source, and can be fitted with an optional mobile app WiFi solution for remote controlling your sauna

100% sheep wool insulation

We are very proud to use 100% sheep’s wool insulation, which is fully breathable, offers superior thermal performance and keeps our saunas completely natural throughout. It is also fully reusable and eventually fully biodegradable, protecting and supporting generations to come.

We love it and we love supporting the sheep’s wool industry.

High specification single strip specialist sauna LED lighting

Our saunas can reach very high temperatures, so it is necessary to use specialist equipment specifically developed for high heat and humidity. Unlike infrared saunas, our traditional outdoor saunas are heated with stoves and the lighting is soft and warm.

Architectural Design

We have worked closely with an architect who specialises in timber structures to ensure every design element functions to a very high specification. Every detail is considered to ensure our Wildhut saunas are of the highest quality and built to endure the British climate so you can be sure they stand the test of time.

Double glazed windows

We like to keep our sauna cosy and private. Bespoke sizes available as an Add-on

Structural Engineering

We have consulted a structural engineer to ensure our saunas are strong, robust, and safe

Glazed sauna door and specialist hinges

Our doors are toughened glass, and our hinges are specifically developed to withstand high temperatures as befits such a truly premium product.

Door furniture & hardware

The handles are hand made from the same timber we use for our sauna, to match the aesthetic and high-end design details you will find throughout our high end traditional outdoor sauna cabins.

Mobile App

Optional mobile app to control your sauna temperature remotely (only available for electric powered saunas)

The Wildhut porch

Optional customisable porch area can be used for showering, getting changed, storing wood or just to cool down and sheltering from the elements




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