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Much has been made of the health benefits of sauna bathing, and with good reason. Physically, nothing is more invigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever life may bring.


We at Wildhut, design hand-crafted, fully customisable, luxury outdoor saunas for your home or business. We operate from our HQ in the southeast of the UK. Wildhut saunas are built to last, function beautifully and designed to compliment any environment. Wildhut saunas are built by highly skilled Craftsmen, our outdoor saunas fuse form and function and set new standards in comfort, sustainability and luxury.


Combining practical utility with a minimalist aesthetic, Wildhut outdoor saunas are designed to elevate your home or business by providing a quiet sanctuary in which to reflect, re-reconnect and restore.

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Inspired by the traditional Nordic, Baltic and Biophilic design principles of allowing reconnection with nature and ourselves. 


Our aim at Wildhut is to build beautiful, planet-kind luxury outdoor saunas for those looking to recharge and those looking for health and wellness. 

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The Benefits of Sauna


The Finnish Experience


Commercial Saunas 

Mental health, stress reduction & sleep improvement

Regular sauna users report relaxation and improved sleep quality. What’s more, it's been proven to dramatically reduce cortisol levels  which are linked to anxiety, depression and chronic stress.

Clearer Skin

Home sauna bathing deeply cleanses your skin. The steam can draw bacteria out of the body's sweat ducts, cleanse the pores and improve capillary circulation which leads to clearer-looking skin that is soft to touch.

Reduce cardiovascular health & stroke risk

A sauna session stimulates the same response in the body as mild exercise, releasing endorphins (the happy hormone!).  Overall its effects have been shown to decrease the chance of strokes, lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

Reduced chronic pain & fatigue

There’s a lot of science behind this, but the bottom line is that regular sauna bathing has been found to reduce inflammation and be an incredibly effective pain reliever. It can help rheumatic disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches and back pain.

Flushes toxins

Due to the heat of a sauna, the core body temperature begins to rise. Sweat production is primarily designed to cool the body, and is composed of 99% water. However, deep sweating in your outdoor home garden sauna can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and other harmful chemicals.

Exercise performance & muscle recovery

Saunas have been shown to help people recover more quickly from exercise by easing joint & muscle pain and eliminating lactic acid build-up. Evidence has shown that the growth hormone increases by 200-300% after a single sauna use, which helps with reducing muscle atrophy.

Lower risk of Dementia & Alzheimer's

A comprehensive study which took place over 20 years found individuals who sauna bathed 4-7 times a week were 66% less likely to develop dementia and 65% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared to those who did not.

Weight loss

Regular saunas have amazing fat loss effects as a result of a sudden acute boost in  calorie burning during each session. Regular saunas also have a positive effect  on long-term lifestyle patterns that primarily support or enhance other healthy life habits such as exercise and diet. Arguably the most impactful of these mechanisms are a sauna's effects on exercise enhancement and recovery, stress reduction and metabolism.





Our gorgeous luxury outdoor saunas combine traditional Finnish Baltic style with contemporary living 

Available in a range of 3 sizes suitable for different spaces,

Choice to have with or without porch and shower,

Choice of window size (slotted window or picture window)

Choice of heater and energy source (wood burning or electric)

Your luxury outdoor sauna cabin from Wildhut will arrive fully assembled.

We will organise delivery and craning across the UK and beyond.

Unlike barrel saunas, no assembly is required, making it an easy and stress-free customer experience!

With the highest quality materials and sustainability at our core, we're confident that Wildhut luxury garden saunas are among the very best traditional home outdoor saunas available in the UK and beyond.

Browse our site to learn more about the best outdoor sauna for your home or business or get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

Such a beautiful sauna with attention to every detail from the materials used to build it to the finished design. Every feature has been carefully considered. It is simple yet luxurious.

I am a convert - I feel cleansed, invigorated, refreshed and serene afterwards. No surprise the Scandinavians are way ahead of us and have been enjoying the benefits of the sauna for years.

I highly recommend this one, and the ethical and committed company that make them.

We couldn't be happier with our Wildhut sauna. It's a beautiful piece of design which adds to our garden and we love all the small details. And it's a wonderfully relaxing place to be. Lisa and Thaisa have been super helpful throughout and they managed the whole process from start to finish with calm efficiency and a smile. We would 100% recommend Wildhut

Loved my session in Wildhut sauna, the most beautiful sauna I’ve ever seen, so well designed and the cedar wood smells divine! The most comfortable, relaxing time and so nice to be able to experience with friends. I’m looking forward to my next pampering sauna visit with them and would highly recommend Wildhut and they are such lovely people to deal with too.

Really impressed with the build quality and design of these gorgeous outdoor saunas. Mine looks absolutely stunning in my garden and I've never been so popular since having it installed! They were a really friendly and helpful team to work with too so I'd happily recommend them to anyone looking to jump on board the sauna trend with a high end luxury traditional sauna for their garden.

Gorgeous sauna - spacious, calm and really beautiful wood. Fabulous windows too for sense of openness. Love the practicality and style of the shower lobby area too. Highly recommend.

The most beautiful sauna imaginable - the quality of the sauna, the layout and wood were beyond expectation. Cannot get enough of the benefits this brings.

If you are looking for the best possible sauna experience, look no further as Wildhut saunas are second to none! From start to finish Lisa and Thaisa from Wildhut have been amazing in helping me create the exact bespoke sauna for my personal needs and wishes.

They are extremely knowledgeable about what is important in a high quality sauna and have a keen sense for style, beauty and functionality, attending to every detail. I wanted a sauna made from ethically sourced materials which Wildhut saunas are. It's a complete pleasure to sit in such a luxurious sauna made of cedar wood in my own garden and reap the amazing health benefits of regular sauna sessions.

They really took great care in helping us achieve our desired end result. Walking us through the process, We ended up with the exact sauna we had envisioned. The finish was such high quality and they really payed such close attention to even the smallest of details. So happy with the end result and we really can’t recommend them enough.

Our Wildhut sauna is quite simply pure perfection. From start to finish, this project has been managed expertly by Lisa and Thaisa and their specially selected team of craftspeople. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished result and don’t even get me started on the heavenly smell of the cedar! Instant calm.... It is probably the best investment we have ever made for, not only our garden, but for our long-term health and well-being. Our sleep has instantly improved and we look forward to reaping the benefits of our very own source of ‘heat therapy’. We would consider Thaisa and Lisa to be amongst the most approachable, knowledgable and professional people we have ever worked with. They promised to project manage the whole thing and they delivered with expertise and low stress for us. I urge you to get in contact if you want to invest in your future health and well-being. If you love beautifully crafted saunas that have a contemporary yet timeless look about them, you will instantly fall for the Wildhut style. e cannot thank the Wildhut team enough.

Our Wildhut cedar 9-12 person sauna is incredible. We were lucky enough to win a grant for this build and it is out and out the best sauna we have ever commissioned. The workmanship, quality of wood and materials used, design features and most of all care from the team during the build and in their aftercare service. We feel confident that our customers will be satisfied with their experience which means that it was worth the investment. Highly Recommend for homes and sauna commercial builds!”

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